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The Cat House

The Cat House -
Exotic Feline Breeding Compound / Feline Conservation Center
General Information
Home to over 70 of the world's most endangered felines, EFBC's Feline Conservation Center is a breeding zoo and research facility. Founded in Rosamond, California in 1977, we are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization run entirely on public donations.
Visiting EFBC/FCC

Children and cat lovers of all ages are fascinated by our cats (and the peacocks). We are open to the public 10 am-4 pm (closed Wednesdays, Christmas day, Thanksgiving day, and the day of Feline Follies). Be careful using GPS or online maps, 60th Street West does NOT go through from Rosamond Blvd!

Most of the compound is open for visitors to wander around at their own pace. Informative plaques describe the cat species in detail, and docents are available to answer your questions. Unlike a zoo, the FCC has no moats between you and the animals. Visitors can get as close as 5 feet away from these beautiful (but dangerous) cats. Some parts of the compound are not open to the public. For example, we try to keep some of the smaller, high-strung species of cats in quieter areas. And some of the older cages do not have safety fences in front of them - for legal reasons, we are not allowed to have anyone under 18 years old in those areas. That is why only part of the compound is open to general visitors. During Twilight Tours the entire facility is available for viewing.

Wear comfortable walking shoes for your visit. Summer temperatures can reach 120 degrees Farenheit. In the winter, it sometimes snows. The cats are more active in cooler weather, and at Twilight Tours.
The Cathouse Rosamond, CA
Video by LawoftheClaw

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